Frequently Asked Questions


How does it work?

BabbyCam uses a neural network, similar to your brain, that is trained on thousands of baby images in various positions.  This teaches BabbyCam how to recognize and alert you when your baby wakes up, goes to sleep, is crying, has his/her face covered, or makes a sound.  No attachments are needed on the baby to monitor.  Best of all, no subscription fees.


How does fever detection work?

Using the integrated thermal camera, BabbyCam measures and monitors baby's temperature your over time.  By analyzing a history of your baby's temperature, BabbyCam can detect unusually high body temperatures and notify you.  Note that surface temperature is measured, not air, so this will differ from your thermostat's setting.


What does "face covered" mean?

This means BabbyCam sees a baby but the nose or mouth may be covered.  Typically this occurs when babies sleep on their stomach and BabbyCam can only see the back of their head.  Sleeping on the stomach or side increases the risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).  BabbyCam can act as a SIDS baby monitor and warn you that your baby may have rolled over.


I'm not interested in deep learning, can I still use BabbyCam as a normal baby monitor?

Absolutely.  You can still enjoy all the other features that make BabbyCam special.  

  • A wide 175 degree camera that will capture the perfect angle of your baby.
  • Thermal camera that measures the surface temperature in view.
  • Fast loading video that works cross-platform on iOS, Android, and PC.
  • Digital sound meter to watch your baby silently.
  • Time-lapsed image viewer of your baby
  • On demand instant snapshot for when you want a picture to save or share
  • Sound machine, night light, and more...


Will BabbyCam work in my country?

BabbyCam comes with a AC 100-240V Type A power adapter.  If the plug does not fit in your power socket, simply add a plug adapter that fits a US Type A plug.


Is there an API available? 

You can enable and send all alerts to a particular email address, set up a webhook, and have your code interact with the webhook POST/GET.


I still have questions, how do I get help?

Contact  We are dedicated to supporting parents and their babies by responding quickly.