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Feature Packed, Powerful, Customizable Baby Monitor

Artificial Intelligence With Fever, Sleep, Face, & Cry Detection

Incredibly Smart

How does it work?

Fever Detection

Technology At It's Finest

Night Lights

Sound Machine

Capture Your Precious Moments With Creative A.I.

Watch your baby grow up with daily video memories created with artificial intelligence.  Artificial Intelligence is used to automatically remove empty crib scenes and generate time-lapse video with focus on your baby. 

Elderly Care

Get alerts when your elderly family members have not walked in front of the camera within a certain amount of time.

Use BabbyCam as a wellness check for your elderly parents and grandparents that live alone.

Sleep Tracker

Automatically tracks how much sleep your baby has been getting every day. Find out if your baby is getting enough sleep or waking up in the middle of the night.

Multi-Camera View

Connect multiple BabbyCams together so you can watch all your cameras stitched together in one view. Perfect for families with kids and pets that all need to be watched.

Cry Detection

Watches your baby's face for emotions associated with crying and pain. What happens when your baby's is covered and flips over on his or her stomach?

BabbyCam will notify you if your baby's face is covered and measures sound frequency to detect your baby's cries.

Smart Recording

Comes with 32GB of local storage on the device for your videos and images. Only record events that you care about like babies, people, pets, or motion.


Get notifications the way you want. Email and text alerts straight to your phone. Push notifications supported through Chrome.

Object Detection

Not only does BabbyCam recognize babies, it can detect people, dogs, and cats. Person detection can be used for toddlers and elderly care.

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Privacy First

BabbyCam works completely without internet and can function solely on your home network. All object detection and inference runs directly on the device.

Security Focused

Track every device that logs in and get alerted on new device logins. Create family accounts and control which of your accounts get admin or guest privileges.

Watch Anywhere

From your desktop computer to your phone or TV at home.
Compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Chromecast.