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BabbyCam is a deep learning baby monitor that can recognize your baby and monitor your baby's emotions.  It is one of the smartest baby monitors in the world with practical features that any parent would want.

BabbyCam comes equipped with an HD night vision camera and a flexible gooseneck clamp.

Clamp anywhere and start watching.  No screws, drills, or holes in the walls.

BabbyCam is watching your baby all day and all night. Get email and text alerts when your baby is awake, crying, sleeping, or makes a sound.


BabbyCam will recognize one more important condition...when your baby's face is covered.

Analyze charts of your baby's schedule.

Watch silently with a digital sound meter.

Watch anywhere, from your desktop at work to your phone at home. Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. Devices include iPhone, iPad, Android phones/tablets, Windows PC, and Macbooks. Safari, Chrome, and Firefox supported.

On sale for $199.  Order now!