Device Setup

Initial Setup

  1. Plug in BabbyCam and wait 30 seconds for device to boot up
  2. Connect your phone or computer to wifi network: babbycam-wifi-setup
  3. Open the website


BabbyCam will automatically load the Accounts settings for you when you first turn it on.

After you connect BabbyCam to your home wifi network in the next setup, BabbyCam will email you the IP address to the email you provide. 
You can set up multiple accounts on your BabbyCam.  Tap this setting to give admin privileges to a specific account.  Keep it off to make the account a guest account that cannot change any settings.


After setting up an account, tap on the Wifi settings to set up your home wifi connection.

Press scan to scan for wifi networks in your home. 
Hidden Wifi Network
Type in your hidden SSID name in case it is not broadcasted.
After submitting your wifi password, BabbyCam will disable the babbycam-wifi-setup network and start connecting to your home wifi.  Your BabbyCam will be flashing white while it connects to your home wifi and then green on successful connection.
Always use Settings->Shutdown to turn off the BabbyCam.  Remove the lens cover after setting up the camera in your desired location.


To reset the BabbyCam, insert a small pen or screwdriver through the reset hole and hold the internal reset button for:
  • 5 seconds to reset the wifi connection
  • 10 seconds to reset the all accounts and passwords
  • 15 seconds to reset the entire device and all settings