How My AI-Powered Baby Monitor Alerted Me Of Trouble

It was a typical Wednesday night for our family.  We put Elise down around 7:30pm and she fell asleep right away.  I went back to work on my computer and my wife started to do the laundry.  At 9:11pm, BabbyCam sent alerts to all our phones telling us that Elise was awake and made a noise.  That was strange because Elise usually slept through the night.  

I quickly pulled up the history on BabbyCam and found this:



Yikes!  I didn't hear any commotion because Elise's door was closed, but BabbyCam's artificial intelligence detected a baby was awake and made a sound.  Without BabbyCam, we might have let Elise sleep in her spit-up and would have woken up to a huge mess the next morning.  Instead, we ran in there a minute after she spit up and preceded to detox her whole crib.  


Thanks BabbyCam, you made parenting just a little easier.