BabbyCam Grows Up With Your Baby

When Elise was born, I was freaking out.  What the heck is SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and how do we prevent it?  I did a little online research and found out to lower the risk of SIDS, babies should sleep on their back instead of their stomach.  Ok, that sounds simple enough.  All I got to do is watch my baby all day and night to make sure she doesn't flip over on her stomach. 😩



This was one of the reasons BabbyCam was born, to catch these situations and alert me.  So can a baby monitor prevent SIDS?  I wish I could guarantee that it does, but it certainly can help as you can see.

Now that Elise is older, all she does is stomach sleep.  Naturally I've become a lot more relaxed about it.  So I added a new feature in the alerts tab to assume the baby is asleep when the baby's face is covered from view.



And voila!  Here's how BabbyCam classifies my baby today.



Now that Elise is older, I don't really care if my baby sleeps on her back or on her stomach.  I do care if she has a good night's sleep or not.  As your baby grows up, the way you use the baby monitor also changes and BabbyCam can adapt to what parents need.


Update in software version 1.0422.