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About us

We started out as a father-daughter team in Austin, TX working closely together to create a practical and innovative baby monitor.  Ben started working on BabbyCam in late 2015 and Elise joined the team in March 2016.  Ben is the inventor and founder of BabbyCam, LLC while Elise is in charge of day to day "ground truth" data generation.  In 2019, Alex joined the family and started contributing to the dataset.  Ben received a patent for his work at the end of 2019: SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR A MACHINE LEARNING BABY MONITOR U.S. Patent Application No.15/796,574.  We are constantly updating BabbyCam with exciting new features and exploring new machine learning algorithms.  


 Benjamin Lui  | Founder

I'm a computer engineer with 15+ years of experience.  I have worked at Lutron, Lucent, Intel, AMD, and Nvidia.  After spending the past few years developing BabbyCam, I see BabbyCam as an amazing, flexible platform that I can use to support other parents.  I have a passion for iterating new ideas and learning.  The end result is a baby monitor that gets better, even after you buy one.


Elise Lui  | Lead Test Engineer

I have over 5 years experience working as an Automatic Test Pattern Generator and creating random tests.  In my spare time, I like drawing, camping, and watching Paw Patrol.


Alexander Lui  | Senior Test Engineer

I have 2 years experience working as an assistant to the lead engineer. My favorite pastimes are watching cars, eating snacks, and napping.


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